Lumi Legend Group was established in 2005 with the goal of becoming the leader in Audio/Video Mounting Solutions. Since that time, Lumi Legend Group has not only accomplished that goal, but has grown into a multifaceted organization that currently consists of three distinct group member companies. These group member companies operate and function as independent business units including their own manufacturing, marketing, design, R&D, engineering, and quality control. In addition, each group member has access to the combined resources and expertise found throughout the organization which provides management expertise, fuel for growth, supply chain stability, and confidence to the buyer.

Currently, Lumi Legend Group is comprised of 3 subsidiary companies with an ever-expanding base of factories, providing the necessary infrastructure to bring supplier and customer together on a single platform — Lumi Legend Group calls this process “Platformization Development”. This strategy brings together years of accumulated resources and expertise resulting in a group company with diversified business members, each with their own mission to achieve leadership in the market they serve.

Lumi Legend Group has built multiple groups of versatile and professional teams and respects the humanistic management idea which allows the company to continuously share the success and achievement of the company with the employees. This has made Lumi Legend Group an attractive home for some of the industry's most creative and talented professionals.

The combined end result allows Lumi Legend Group to provide the customer with a more simple, reliable, and sustainable source of products and services.

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A leading professional supplier of mounting solutions for ergonomic home & office settings,
and residential or prosumer AV products.

Residential Mounting Solutions

TV wall mount, TV ceiling mount, motorized TV lift, TV stand, media console, studio TV floor stand, speaker mount, soundbar bracekt, media player mount,……

Ergonomic Home & Office Solution

electric sit-stand desk, sit-stand desk converter, wall-mounted workstation, monitor arm, monitor riser, laptop stand, CPU holder, keyboard tray, foot rest,……

Prosumer Mounting Solutions

video wall mount & stand, menu board mount, electric whiteboard mount & stand, TV cart, tablet kiosk, projector mount, projection screen,……

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An experienced supplier of audio products for
both the home and commercial markets with advanced quality management.

Smart Home Audio System

If you want to enjoy your music in any room of your home – and want it to sound good – wireless multi-room audio is the solution you're looking for.


in-ceiling speaker, wall speaker, pendant speaker, bookshelf speaker, center channel speaker, subwoofer, soundbar, landscape speaker, marine speaker,……


digital amplifier, vacuum tube amplifier, mixing amplifier, pro audio power amplifier,……

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A forerunner and supplier of ergonomic furniture
for kids and teenagers - leading better habits and increased activity resulting in healthier lives.

Ergonomic For Kids

Our kids study desk and chair set can be found in the home, healthcare, institutional, educational, and commercial environments.

Ergonomic For Teenagers

Our adjustable desk provides a large worksurface for activities, plenty of storage space for books, paints and other arts & crafts supplies.

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we are seeking for win-win cooperation to grow together with our partners.


to make your business more efficient, reliable & sustainable.


to provide better solutions for customers is always our primary goal.

Core Values

Seek the truth only from facts and disregard exaggeration or misrepresentation. Always keep your word. Respect the facts, dare to admit mistakes and have the courage to take responsibility.

Always do what is right and follow the rules. Give it your all, not just a little effort. Devoted and dedicated employees always exceed expectations and look ahead to be sure they are prepared for upcoming duties and events.

In communication always have an open mind and express yourself directly. Take the matter on its merits, discuss objectively. Before passing judgment put yourself in the other person's shoes; listen to the truth no matter how hard it is and always consider everyone's opinion.

Do not fail to encourage innovation, encourage even small and little progress. Be good at learning and dare to ask questions. Innovation is the result of meeting the growing needs. Always prepare to innovate and keep pace with the market trends.

Take the initiative to help others. Work together and brainstorm. Every person does their duty for mutual progress. Like a drop of water in the sea will never dry up, a person becomes more capable when they are placed together with others and together become more powerful.

Share knowledge, information, ideas, experiences and lessons. Share the achievements of victory. Let sharing become a habit. Sharing helps others and provides self value.

Our group thinks highly of social responsibility and participates in a great deal of social events, such as supporting poor children, donating for building.

  1. 6

    hope primary schools were donated to build in Guangxi, Qinghai, Yunnan and Guizhou.

  2. 495

    poor kids were donated through Action “Back to School” sponsored by Amity Foundation.

  3. $91335

    was spent with minority, disabled and blind children since 2012.

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With headquarters located in the historic city of Ningbo (China), LUMI LEGEND has become a leading global supplier of diversified products. With a strong emphasis on providing the highest level of customer service, we have opened several international Customer Service Centers - with more to come. These Customer Service Centers offer a more personalized approach and deeper understanding of our customers business needs through more effective localized communication. We maintain a strategic focus of remaining customer-centric, inspiring dedication, never giving up, and growing by self-reflection.



20-24F., Building 1, Lisi Plaza, Huifeng East Road, Ningbo, China.




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