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Lumi Legend is an organization having an unique style of working which has established a company culture that impacts the way employees behave amongst themselves as well as with suppliers and customers outside the organization. Though the original development of Lumi Legend's culture began with the leadership of the organization, it supersedes any employee handbook as it has become the unspoken force that impacts the company's direction, growth, and image to the employees and world around it.  
Lumi Legend strives to have a healthy culture, one that encourages employees to stay motivated and loyal to the management and to each other as important members of the team-- creating a fun, happy, and exciting work environment. This culture encourages employees to offer new ideas, to find positive solutions to issues that might be negatively impacting the company's performance or service to our customers and suppliers. This culture encourages a positive approach to employees trying their very best to perform better than their workmates and earn appreciation and recognition for their accomplishments from each other and the senior members of the team.  
Lumi Legend's culture unites employees who may be from different backgrounds and cultures and provides a sense of unity and family at the workplace, attracting and encouraging the addition of new talented individuals to join the team.
Every new or existing member of the team should agree and understand our company culture and passionately promote the mission and values of Lumi Legend, working together to accomplish both the company's goals and vision and employees' personal  achievement.