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Lumi Legend, founded in 2005, began as an Audio/Video mounting solutions business and has earned an excellent reputation from customers worldwide. Lumi Legend now ranks as the “Number 1” Chinese manufacturer and exporter of TV Mounts and Stands.
In the process of growth, Lumi Legend has built multiple groups of versatile and professional teams. Lumi Legend respects the humanistic management idea, and continuously shares the success and achievement of the company with the employees. This has made Lumi Legend the best choice for professionals with excellent talent.
Lumi Legend believes business should be "more simple, reliable, and sustainable".

To meet this goal Lumi Legend has chosen a strategy called “Platformization Development”for its future growth. This strategy brings together years of accumulated resources and expertise resulting in a group company with diversified business members.
Currently, the Lumi Legend Group is comprised of 5 subsidiary companies and an expanding base of new factories that allow the company to bring both the supplier and customer together on a single platform capable of offering associated and different products categories. 

This strategy utilizes our ability to support our customers with professional marketing materials while bringing more and more quality products from our factories base to our customers.