Making History Since 2005

Established in 2005 in the Consumer Electronics Audio/Video Mounting industry, the LUMI Legend Group has matured into a multi-faceted organization involved in Research & Development, Supply Chain Management and Creative Marketing of products within the Ergo, Home and Professional Integration markets.

LUMI Legend Group is currently comprised of 6 Member Companies, each functioning independently, while sharing the technical and financial resources of the overall group.To fuel continued growth and market penetration, each group member has access to industrial design, mechanical & electrical engineering, advanced manufacturing, quality control, supply chain management and comprehensive marketing support.

Group member companies and the markets they serve currently include:

  • LUMI Legend Corporation – Home and commercial mounting solutions –Ergonomic and Pro A/V products
  • Ningbo LUMIAUDIO Electronic Technology Ltd - Home and commercial audio products
  • KANAHU Health Technology Co., Ltd – Domestic branding and platform marketing
  • Ningbo Ergovida Health Technology Ltd. – Targeted ergonomic brand development and marketing
  • Tuotuo River Design Company – Full spectrum professional product design and development company
  • Dangqu Technology Company – Cloud-based information and management applications

LUMI Legend Group Companies do business in over 97 countries and has established customer service center in 4 strategic geographic areas to support the more than 400 core customers. In addition, LUMI Legend Group’s Ningbo Headquarters is staffed with more than 600 professional, experienced and dedicated employees.

Group companies regularly attend trade show exhibitions, make customer visits and perform comprehensive research and analysis in existing and new markets around the world. In the China domestic market, the companies have worked hard to build company brands and reputation as a quality manufacturer of mounting solutions, office and home ergonomic products and accessories and a comprehensive line of items for the pro audio visual market.

LUMI Legend Group Companies have become leaders in the markets we serve, being recognized by industry associations including Red Dot, Good Design and iF Product Design Awards and by government entities for being a recognized leader in building foreign trade. Our recognition comes as the result of the company being R&D driven with a focus on continuously updating technology and creating innovative products that differentiate us from others in the market.

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A leading professional supplier of mounting solutions for ergonomic home & office settings, and residential or prosumer AV products.

Residential Mounting Solutions

TV wall mount, TV ceiling mount, motorized TV lift, TV stand, media console, studio TV floor stand, speaker mount, soundbar bracekt, media player mount,……

Ergonomic Home & Office Solution

electric sit-stand desk, sit-stand desk converter, wall-mounted workstation, monitor arm, monitor riser, laptop stand, CPU holder, keyboard tray, foot rest,……

Prosumer Mounting Solutions

video wall mount & stand, menu board mount, electric whiteboard mount & stand, TV cart, tablet kiosk, projector mount, projection screen,……

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An experienced supplier of audio products for both the home and commercial markets with advanced quality management.

Smart Home Audio System

If you want to enjoy your music in any room of your home – and want it to sound good – wireless multi-room audio is the solution you're looking for.


in-ceiling speaker, wall speaker, pendant speaker, bookshelf speaker, center channel speaker, subwoofer, soundbar, landscape speaker, marine speaker,……


digital amplifier, vacuum tube amplifier, mixing amplifier, pro audio power amplifier,……

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Leading professional supplier for simulator equipments, gaming peripherals, gaming PC accessories, streaming gears, etc.

Gaming Peripherals and Accessories

gaming desks, gaming chairs, gaming monitor arms, monitor risers, headset holders, mousepads, CPU mounts, mic mounts, green screens, LED lights, ......

Simulator Equipments

racing simulator cockpits, racing steering wheel stands, ...

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One-stop sourcing service with flexibility and scalability to meet institutional procurement needs, and short-run orders.

Computer and Laptop Accessories

PC peripherals, keyboards & mouse, mouse pads, wrist rests, headsets, headphone stands and holders, smartwatch holders, computer desks, laptop desks...

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Professional ergonomic office furniture and accessories supplier with in-house R&D, marketing and supply chain management teams.

Ergonomic Products

adjustable monitor arms, sit-stand workstations, laptop stands, sit-stand desk converters, portable cell phone stands, monitor mounts, computer brackets...

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An e-commerce company focuses on the China domestic market, operated independently on the base of resource sharing and collaborative.

Domestic E-Commerce

We already have opened E-shops on the popular e-commerce platforms in China. Hereafter, we will continuously devote on the domestic market and strive to be the professional e-commerce company.

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Meet Management Team

Our group thinks highly of social responsibility and participates in a great deal of social events, such as supporting poor children, donating for building.

  1. 6

    hope primary schools were donated to build in Guangxi, Qinghai, Yunnan and Guizhou.

  2. 1444

    underprivileged children regained access to quality education and better opportunities through Action "Back to school" collaborated with Amity Foundation since 2012.

  3. $250000

    was donated and spent to support minarity, poor, disabled, and blind children.


With headquarters located in the historic city of Ningbo (China), LUMI LEGEND has become a leading global supplier of diversified products. With a strong emphasis on providing the highest level of customer service, we have opened several international Customer Service Centers - with more to come. These Customer Service Centers offer a more personalized approach and deeper understanding of our customers business needs through more effective localized communication. We maintain a strategic focus of remaining customer-centric, inspiring dedication, never giving up, and growing by self-reflection.



22/F, Building 1, Lisi Plaza, Huifeng East Road, Ningbo, China.



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